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More Than 1 In 4 Medical Students Are Depressed, Analysis Finds

A recent study finds that many medical students struggle with depression possibly due to stress, lack of sleep, and intense competition.  In their Huffington Post article, Anna Almendrala and Carolyn Gregoire write about this study, it’s findings, and possible implications. Here is a link:

Kesha Opens Up About Her Mental Health So Others Don’t Feel Alone

It’s always admirable when famous individuals use their influence to benefit the good of others.  In a Huffington Post blog, Lindsay Holmes covers a story on Kesha, a singer, who openly talks about her struggle with mental heath as a strength, not a weakness. Here is a link:

The Mental Health Misconceptions That Flood Us

There are numerous misconceptions around mental illness which can be harmful on multiple levels.  Richa Gupta discusses misconceptions of obsessive compulsive disorder and depression and why it’s so important to dispel the misinformation floating around in the media and everyday culture. Here is a link:

Autoimmune Disease Drugs Might Help People With Depression, Too

New research suggests that anti-inflammatory drugs may reduce depression.  In her Huff Post article, Sara Miller discusses research that suggests inflammation’s role in depressive disorders and how certain medications may help reduce symtpoms. Here is a link:

Suicide Bursting Through The Silence

Accordingt to the National Center for Heath Statistics,  suicide rates rose by a siginificant amount from 1999-2014.  People often do not know what to say or how to address this very serious subject.  In the Huffington Post, Laura DiMinno shares her paradigm shift in effort to break through the silence that lies around the subject of

Depressed Patients Do Well With Cheaper Treatment

Clinical depression can be debilitating and devastating for those suffering from it.  In the Huff Post, Racheal Rettner writes about Behavioral Activation Therapy and how it may be more cost effective that more traditional therapies. Here is the link to the article: