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New Research Shows The US Is Failing When It Comes To Mental Health

According to new research from the Center for Disease Control, we are not doing enough to support the mental health needs of our communities.  In addition, the suicide rate has increased along with teen depression.  In the Huff Post, Sara Miller writes about this new study and implications for our country. Here is a link:

With Nowhere To Turn, More Psychiatric Patients Ending Up In The Emergency Room

Sadly, there are too few resources for those with mental health issues.  As a result of funding cuts, limited access to resources, and stigma, more and more patients with mental illnesses are going to ER.  This is problematic becasue many ER departments do not have resources, space, or enough expertise to meet the needs of these

Associates In Psychotherapy Is Offering A New Group!!

Building Bridges   Adolescent Group Therapy (14-18 year olds) Group members can expect to: Review, strengthen and practice DBT and CBT skills and apply to their daily lives Feel a sense of community with peers facing similar challenges Gain insight and feedback in a warm, nonjudgmental supportive environment     Wednesday evenings from 7-7:50 pm

Compelling Alternatives-“Outside Mental Health”- To Mainstream Psychiatry

Here is an interesting article by Dr. Bruce Levine in the Huff Post.  It addresses various ways of viewing mental illness and, I think, provides hope and optimism for those suffering from serious mental health conditions. Here is a link  to the article:

Watching Videos Of Police Brutality Can Traumatize You, Especially If You Are Black

These days, it is not uncommon to turn on the television and to witness horrendous brutality.  According to a Huffington Post article by Liz Adetiba and Anna Almendrala, repeated exposure to these horrific videos can be harmful to our mental health, especially if we are witnessing individuals that we identify as being similar to us. Here

Rethinking Marriage…And Cancer

Cognitive reappraisal involves looking at a situation from a neutral perspective which in turn decreases negativity  and intense emotional reactions.  In Psychology Today, Sarah Cotterill writes about how cognitive reappraisal can be helpful in facing cancer. Here is a link to the article: