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New Research Finds Mindfulness Reduces Worry

  Mindfulness can be helpful to all of us.  New research suggests the mindfulness can also reduce worry/anxiety.  In Psychology Today, Dr. Marlynn Wei discusses how mindfulness can impact worry. Here is a link:

A Letter To Those Affected By My Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is characterized by intense anxiety that can interfere with one’s ability to function in day to day activities.  In her Huff Post article, Nicolle Hook shares a letter with readers to provide a glimpse into what it’s like to live with generalized anxiety disorder. Here is a link:

“Anxiety Sensitivity” Is Real. Here’s How To Know If You’re Caught In This Spiral

Anyone who has struggled with anxiety knows how “anticipation around the next time” can adversely impact one’s day to day life.  In her Huffington Post blog, Carolyn Gregoire writes about anxiety disorders and the physical sensations or symptoms that accompany them.   Here is a link:

Kesha Opens Up About Her Mental Health So Others Don’t Feel Alone

It’s always admirable when famous individuals use their influence to benefit the good of others.  In a Huffington Post blog, Lindsay Holmes covers a story on Kesha, a singer, who openly talks about her struggle with mental heath as a strength, not a weakness. Here is a link:

Hypochondriacs May Worry Themselves Sick (Literally)

Hypochondria is a condition where one excessively worries about his or her health.    In the Huff Post, Lindsay Holmes writes about a study that suggests people with hypochondria often suffer from more health conditions such as cardiac events. Here is a link to the article:

Anxious Heart: Day To Day With Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be debilitating.  Jalysa King bravely shares her struggle with panic attacks and provides her readers with a glimpse into what she encounters and struggles with on a day to day basis. Here is a link:

What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Say To Someone Having A Panic Attack

For anyone who has experienced a panic attack, they can tell you it’s a terrifying, uncomfortable, and distressing experience.  Liza Walter provides tips for what you should or should not say to someone who is having a panic attack in her Huff Post article. Here is a link to the article:

What Stress Can Do For You?

Stress is often associated with negative things.  However, stress can be helpful in some ways too.  In Psychology Today, Tim Leberecht shares how stress can work for you. Here is a link to the article:

We Worry About The Wrong Things

We all worry about certain things but do we often feel anxious about things that we shouldn’t give a lot of thought?  In Psychology Today, Sarah Cotterill shares her view that people worry about all of the wrong things. Here is a link to the article: