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5 Surprising Things That Age You

In her Huffington Post, Emma Haak reviews 5 things that age us. While none of the things on this list surprised me, it’s a helpful reminder to stay on top of managing stress, eating well, and  surrounding myself with positive and healthy relationships. Here is a link:

How To Raise Kids Who Can “Love And Be Loved”

It should come as no surprise that affection and acceptance have a positive influence children during childhood and way beyond.  In the Huffington Post blog, Dana Westreich Hirt explains the long term implications of of showing affection and acceptance to family members, especially children. Here is a link:

How Psychobiotics Use Gut Bacteria To Treat Mental Illness

We have all heard about the benefits of probiotics on health.  But, new preliminary research sugests that gut bacterias can also aid in improving mood and cognition.  Carolyn Gregoire explains this new research and potential implications in her Huff Post article. Here is a link:

Who Has The Best Sex?

Sexual intimacy can be fluid in a long term relationship.  But, what factors contribute to having a great sex life over time?  In Psychology Today, Susan McQuillan discusses some of the research and implications for having a satisfying sex life with your partner. Here is a link:

Why Strong Friendships Are Key To Men’s Mental Health

A man’s connection to others is equally as important to a women’s need for connection.  CNN’s Amy Chillag writes a piece on the importance of male friendships and how it impacts a man’s mental well-being. Here is a link to the article:

Why Some Women Feel Bad About Their Appearance

Media has tremendous influence over what is considered “beautiful” in our culture.  There are a myriad of other reasons women want to feel attractive but often fall short.   Dr. Nigel Barber writes about why some women feel badly about their appearances. Here is a link to the article: