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How To Raise Kids Who Can “Love And Be Loved”

It should come as no surprise that affection and acceptance have a positive influence children during childhood and way beyond.  In the Huffington Post blog, Dana Westreich Hirt explains the long term implications of of showing affection and acceptance to family members, especially children. Here is a link:

How To Revive A Vision For Your Child’s Future After A Diagnosis

All parents know the challenges that come with raising children.  However, it can prove even more difficult when one’s child struggles with a disability or mental health condition.  In the Huffington Post, Heather Nardi shares her story and highlights that despite up’s and down’s, parents should never give up hope for their child’s future. Here is

Is It Possible To Invest Equally In All Of Your Children?

We have all heard ourselves or others say, “we treat all of our children equally and love them all the same.”  But is this possible?  In Psychology Today, Dr. Frank T. McAndrew explains his hypothesis about family dynamics with in households with multiple children. Here is a link to the article:

7 Ways To Talk To Children & Youth About The Shooting In Orlando

Children and adolescents may have a difficult time grasping the violence that seems all too common in our society.  They may have fears about their safety or struggle to understand why people kill others that may be different from them. provides 7 tips for discussing the recent shootings in Orlando with your child. Here

No Spanking, No Time-Out’s, No Problems

There is always controversy on best practices for managing behavior issues with children.  In the Atlantic, Olga Khazan writes about a child psychologist’s perspective on child rearing and intervening with problematic behaviors. Here is a link to the article:

Help Your Child With Psychiatric Needs Prepare For College

Many college students struggle with mental heath conditions.  It is important these students have access to support, treatment, and appropriate accommodations so their college dreams are not shattered.  In Psychology Today, Dr. Marcia Morris provides tips  to help college bound students address their mental health issues. Here is a link to the article:

An Astonishing Number Of Kids Have Psychological Disorders

According to a recent survey from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 7 kids suffers from a psychological disorder.  In the Huffington Post, Lindsay Holmes  writes about importance of monitoring our children and ensuring they have access to proper treatment and support. Here is a link to the article: