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Divorce In Middle Age

Divorce is a difficult process for most people and families.  And, while it’s common, it can create a lot of stress and uncertainty.  However, it also provides individuals with new opportunities for creating a new chapter in their lives that can be fulfilling and meaningful.  Drs. Sreenivasin and Weinberger write about divorce during middle age

7 Ways To Express Your Love

Research shows connection with others is crucial for psychological well-being.  Dr. Diana Raab discusses 7 ways to express your love and care for others in her Psychology Today blog. Here is a link:

My Mother’s First Love At Age 93

It’s never too late to find connection with others including romantic connections.  In Psychology Today, Jennifer Haupt writes a lovely story about her mother who found love at 93.  Inspiring…. Here is a link:

How Do You Know If You Should Stay Or Go

All relationships require work and effort.  Many couples enter into treatment when their problems become overwhelming and they are unsure if they can make things work.  In Psychology Today, Susan Gadoua disucsses her perspective on whether one should stay or go. Here is a link to the article:

Overcoming The Breakup Blindside

Break ups can be difficult and sometimes catch one by surprise.  In Psychology Today, Dr. Weber provides tips for navigating through break ups that were unexpected. Here is a link:

Who Has The Best Sex?

Sexual intimacy can be fluid in a long term relationship.  But, what factors contribute to having a great sex life over time?  In Psychology Today, Susan McQuillan discusses some of the research and implications for having a satisfying sex life with your partner. Here is a link:

How To Tell If Your Relationship Is Really In Trouble

All marriages require work and effort.  However, sometimes relationships are deeply troubled and in need of help.  In, Leigh Newman shares some of the telling signs that one’s marriage is truly in trouble. Here is a link: