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Joking About Mental Health Is Not A Good Look, Katy Perry

Mental health carries stigma and poking fun only perpetuates it.  Katy Perry referenced Britney Spears when talking about her own mental health.  Fans reacted and let Katy Perry know this was “not a good look.”  Cole Delbyck shares more on this story in his Huff Post article. Here is a link:

Kesha Opens Up About Her Mental Health So Others Don’t Feel Alone

It’s always admirable when famous individuals use their influence to benefit the good of others.  In a Huffington Post blog, Lindsay Holmes covers a story on Kesha, a singer, who openly talks about her struggle with mental heath as a strength, not a weakness. Here is a link:

The Mental Health Misconceptions That Flood Us

There are numerous misconceptions around mental illness which can be harmful on multiple levels.  Richa Gupta discusses misconceptions of obsessive compulsive disorder and depression and why it’s so important to dispel the misinformation floating around in the media and everyday culture. Here is a link:

John Green Has A Message For Anyone Who Romanticizes Mental Illness

There is stigma against mental illness but there are also those who romanticize it.  Lindsay Holmes shares John Green’s thoughts on the perils of romanticizing mental illness. Here is a link:

How Mental Illness Is Misrepresented In Media

It’s no secret that media influences peoples opinions.  Sometimes this is harmful, especially when the media distorts the truth.  In US News, Kirstin Fawcett disucsses how the media often misrepresents mental illness and pereptuates negative stereotypes about certain conditions. Here is a link:

5 Distressing Realities About The State Of Mental Health In America

Huffington Post’s Lindsay Holmes shares 5 distressing realities about mental health in our country.  for example, she highlights suicide rates are on the rise and media often distorts the truth about mental health conditions. Here is  link:

Compelling Alternatives-“Outside Mental Health”- To Mainstream Psychiatry

Here is an interesting article by Dr. Bruce Levine in the Huff Post.  It addresses various ways of viewing mental illness and, I think, provides hope and optimism for those suffering from serious mental health conditions. Here is a link  to the article:

No, Mental Illness Does Not Lead To Terrorism

Stigma around mental illness still exists and damages those suffering from various mental health conditions.  In the Huff Post, Lindsay Holmes explains why mental illness does not cause terrorism and how these assumptions are dangerous to perpetuate in our society/culture. Here is a link to the article: