Professional Testimonials

“I have known Dr. Michelle Chaban for over 12 years and am continually impressed with her professionalism, intellect, and compassion for others. Dr. Chaban is one of the most dedicated psychologists I have ever known who lives out her commitment to alleviate human suffering by providing psychotherapy within a safe, caring and healing environment. I have referred clients to her and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a consultation or psychological treatment.”

Dr. Anne Chodzko, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

“I have known Dr. Michelle Chaban for over 15 years. Dr. Chaban is one of the most honest, intelligent, and insightful psychologists I have come across in the field. I am fortunate to have been able to consult with her on a number of cases, and Dr. Chaban’s professionalism is only exceeded by her care and compassion for her clients. As a fellow psychologist, I truly believe that any client who chooses Dr. Chaban as their psychologist will find themselves in a safe, supportive client/therapist relationship, and given her level of clinical expertise, will truly be given an advantage toward achieving their therapy goals.”

Dr. Shefali Shah, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

“I have seen first hand the highly effective therapeutic relationships that Dr. Chaban has built with community members of Center for Independent Futures. Her ability to build strong therapeutic relationships, stabilize, collaborate, and reach therapeutic objectives with her clients has created meaningful and lasting change. She is an adept and valuable practitioner.”

Jacqueline Heavey, L.C.S.W. Program Director, Center for Independent Futures

“Dr. Michelle Chaban is my colleague as well as my mentor. As a psychologist, Dr. Chaban has demonstrated compassion, patience and a true gift for helping those in need. Her work has changed the lives of many whom were struggling. Dr. Chaban has also provided guidance for me, as a beginner in the world of psychology. She has given me advice as well as taken time to help lead me to a career that will be as fulfilling as hers.”

Brittany Hall Caseworker & Director of Quality Assurance Albany Care, Evanston, Illinois

“Dr. Michelle Chaban is a thorough, intelligent, sophisticated, extremely personable clinician that has been an amazing colleague, consultant, and friend. She has not only promoted a lot of self growth for her clients, she has inspired my own self growth as a counselor. She utilizes a comfortable, engaging, empathetic style to connect with clients from all different situations. She demonstrates a high level of knowledge and skill when working with clients with many diverse issues, including cultural diversity, empowerment, family dynamics, and personal identity. Dr. Chaban utilizes strong theoretical knowledge and inclusive conceptualization skills to formulate comfortable, effective, and efficient treatment for her clients. When asked to recommend a psychologist, Dr. Chaban has consistently been my number one referral!”

Jeffrey Ciolino, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Private Practice

“I first met Dr. Michelle Chaban nearly 9 years ago after I first started at Albany Care. She was interested in providing one on one and group sessions to our residents. Over the last nine years Dr. Chaban has become a crucial member of our team. The progress she has made with our residents both through individual and group services has been nothing short of miraculous. It is a uphill battle when you suffer from severe depression, anxiety or paranoia. Dr. Chaban has played a key role in helping individuals learn the necessary skills to understand and cope with the symptoms related to their illness. Simply put, she gets results. Many of our residents now live on their own in the community. The success of many of those individuals would not have been possible without the services provided to them by Dr. Chaban. I have never met someone more compassionate, skilled and dedicated to helping others empower themselves to take back control of their lives. If you are reading this then perhaps you or someone you love is in need of such services. I strongly encourage you to give Dr. Chaban a call.”

Jonathan Eastman, Clinical Director at Albany Care